About us

Welcome to Vimareo,

Vimareo is a contemporary, multi brand lifestyle outlet selling premium footwear, apparel, accessories, books and homeware.

We are a young, dedicated and creative family that always trying our very best to bring customers the most excellent and unique shopping experience. 

Our vision consists of creating a distinct retail experience by carefully selecting the best product from selected brands. We're proud to be the pioneer store in the market where you can immediately see a preview of your custom product as you select the specifications.

With our customer-centric core value, we strongly believe that you'll receive high-quality products and only the best customer service. 

We hope our products will gear you towards your passion even more and fill your life with excitement!

Our partner are factories with large production scale and high quality, with headquarters in Asia and Europe such as ZOOTOP BEARD, Burger Print. Along with these are express delivery units, degree and reputation spread around the world such as DHL, Yiwu, Fedex, USPS, etc. All are guaranteed to produce professionally and deliver as accurately as possible wherever you are.

With a global network of suppliers and producers we have fulfilled over 1 million orders so far. We continue strive to foster a community of creativity and passion that propels the world into a better tomorrow.